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Hybrid Mailing: Step Towards Digital Transformation

hybrid mailing

The idea behind digital transformation is to create more ease and efficiency in everyday processes. Sending mail is one process where there are significant benefits to shifting on to a more digital footing. A hybrid mail solution offers an organisation all the advantages of traditional mail but on a more cost-effective basis.


How can the Value of Mail be Increased?

The short answer to this question is to start opting for hybrid mail. Everything, from creating to managing and printing, is easier and more efficient via a hybrid mail solution. It’s a key step in digital transformation because it takes one of the most traditional – and vital – elements of any organisation and gives it a digital makeover.


How does Hybrid Mailing Work?

It is a process where outbound mail is being handled digitally so that the entire mail solution is managed through a digital process. It means that any kind of mail can be dealt with in a few clicks of the mouse, whether that’s sending invoices, marketing, correspondence or notifying someone of an appointment. There is no need to pay for the expensive equipment that is often required for mail solutions in a corporate environment, such as printers, as well as the supplies they require. Plus, hybrid mailing significantly reduces the burden on staff who no longer have to manually print, sign and handle the mail before it goes out.


How does Hybrid Mailing Support Digital Transformation?

  • A way to facilitate remote and hybrid working. Managing outbound mail is a task that becomes digital with hybrid mailing, which means that staff aren’t required to be in the office to handle it. Using hybrid mail offers a secure way to deal with mail requirements in a short space of time from any location that someone is working from. This is incredibly supportive to remote working models.
  • A much greener approach. Paper waste is a big issue for most organisations today and mail is one area where a lot of this can be generated. Switching to a hybrid mail solution enables a business to minimise paper waste and achieve a much greener approach. It’s also a big advantage in terms of sustainability. Getting rid of the equipment that is required for traditional mail – such as printers – can reduce the amount of energy a business is consuming.
  • Improving efficiency. The process involved in hybrid mail means that staff spend less time on the task, as there is no longer a need to manually print, handle and send out mail. As a result, efficiency can be improved as well as productivity. Staff also have more time to focus on other tasks that add more value to the business.
  • A way to cut costs. Whether it’s the cost of energy being used or the costs associated with supplies or paper waste, there are a myriad of ways in which hybrid mailing supports the more streamlined and cost effective approach that is the foundation of digital transformation.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Hybrid Mailing

If your organisation is keen to accelerate digital transformation, then hybrid mailing is going to be an essential step.

Unlock efficiency and eco-friendliness with Hybrid Mailing at CDP Print. Dive into the digital transformation era; contact us now to take a step forward.

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