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5 Direct Mail Marketing Trends in 2019

5 Direct Mail Marketing Trends we spotted in 2019:

Last year direct mail made a big comeback as a popular marketing channel, introducing new tools and strategies. At CDP, we have an expert team with decades of experience in direct mail on a small, national and global scale. Here ‘s a little more info on the trends we spotted:

  1. Multi-Channel Integration
  2. Personalised Direct Mail
  3. Simple Direct Mail Design
  4. Using Images / Animation with Written Content
  5. Utilising Data to send Targeted Messages

Multi-Channel Integration

For example, including QR codes or personalised URLs on direct mail marketing shots. A recipient can then scan the code or visit the URL to reach a targeted landing page with personalised content. This approach allows a business to follow-up on messages across multiple platforms.

Personalised Direct Mail

Personalising your direct mail marketing shots increases response rates by over 30%! Personalised campaigns are one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers with relevant and tailored content.

Simple Direct Mail Design

A minimal design for your direct mail marketing campaign is the way forward to catch your recipient ‘s attention. We recommend including an image that is clear and powerful to the reader and keeping text short and to the point. Having a simple, clean and authentic design is much more effective.

Incorporate Images / Animation with Written Content  

Strong and compelling visual images in with your written direct mail marketing content tells a story to the reader. Combining images / animation with written content stops you from including too much narrative.

Utilising Data to Send Targeted Messages

In 2019, companies gathered enhanced data on their customers to help segment when sending out direct mail marketing campaigns. For example, creating customer profiles based on their purchase history and product recommendations allows you to send a targeted mail piece personalised for each recipient.

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