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5 Signs That Your Company Needs Printing Services

5 signs that your company needs printing services

You ‘ve heard that printing services have helped other businesses to more efficiency and cost reduction – but how do you know if it ‘s right for you? We live in an increasingly more technological age where sophisticated equipment offers many benefits for any business, as long as you know how to pick the right piece and make it work for your enterprise. Printing is something that every organisation uses today – but few optimise it. These are some signs that your business would benefit from managed printing services.


  1. There is no discernible print policy – Anyone is printing anything at any time, costing your business money and putting unnecessary pressure on the equipment. It ‘s essential to ensure that your workforce understands what your business expects regarding printing, whether when to print, when not, when to use monochrome, and when colour is acceptable. When you ‘ve got managed print services to support all of this can be defined as a policy, monitored and managed.
  2. Print-related tech issues dominate your IT team ‘s time – This is either a sign that your printing systems and equipment aren ‘t being appropriately handled or the print environment you ‘ve set up isn ‘t the right one. That could be poor maintenance, the wrong equipment or an approach that isn ‘t proactive when it comes to maintenance. When you opt for outsourced printing services, the burden is lifted off your IT team, leaving them free to focus on more mission-critical tasks.
  3. There is no plan for ordering – Rather than finding the most competitive prices for items like toner and ink – and ensuring that your business always has the supplies it needs – you frequently find that you ‘ve run out of essentials. Or overstocked and overwhelmed by potential waste. If there is no actual cost- and time-effective ordering strategy, working with managed printing services can make a big difference.
  4. You ‘re not sure how much your business spends on printing – As any enterprise owner will know, not having a clear idea of specific costs can be dangerous. Printing costs include much more than just the equipment, toner and ink. You also need to factor in paper, supplies, maintenance and repairs. This clarity will enable you to see where you could make cost savings and where you ‘re spending unnecessarily – it ‘s an assessment that a managed printing services partner can easily undertake.
  5. Legacy technology is weighing you down – From costly repairs that aren ‘t necessary to the downtime that results from equipment that isn ‘t correctly maintained, legacy technology can cause a significant drop in productivity. Streamlining your printing infrastructure so that it ‘s more effective and efficient is one of the critical functions of a managed printing services partner – so that you have more options to optimise.


Whether your costs are unknown (and spiralling) or you ‘re fed up with out-of-date systems that hold your business back, these are just some signs that printing services could make a difference. If you ‘ve noticed any of these, it ‘s probably time to contact us. We can help save you money, free up time and improve business efficiencies with our broad range of print management services.

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