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5 Tips for Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

direct mail marketing campaigns

Digital marketing has increased significantly in volume in recent years, leading to a saturation of the market that can make it challenging to stand out. How do you compete against so many other brands that have the same tools and messaging? A direct mail marketing campaign remains one of the most powerful ways to make unique connections and an instant impact. For example, 45% of households will immediately read a print ad and ROI for direct mail marketing ads are high with a 12x return. As a result, direct mail represents a key tool in the battle for consumer attention

Make your direct mail campaigns effective

  1. Don ‘t just stop at one direct mail campaign –

    As is the case with digital marketing, you may not hit the spot the first time around, so multiple waves of mail marketing are necessary. It ‘s also essential to ensure that the efforts that you make for direct mail marketing are also integrated into your overall marketing strategy. For example, use it to capture email addresses or discount codes that are redeemable online to send people to other business touchpoints.
  2. Use personalisation wherever you can in your direct mail –

    The tool of personalisation is effective no matter what area of marketing you ‘re talking about. In a mail marketing context, it can be about adding names and personal information but also tailoring the marketing to the information that you have about the segment that the customer sits in. That means that you ‘re going to need to define and narrow segments for traditional mail marketing in the same way that you would for digital marketing campaigns.
  3. Use a tried and tested approach when it comes to the Call to Action (CTA) –

    That is a CTA that is clear and compelling as well as varied and repeated. A great CTA will clearly tell someone what you want them to do, as well as give them a reason to do it. You may need to find a number of different ways to deliver your CTA via direct mail marketing to ensure that you ‘re reaching the right people. And, of course, it must be repeated enough to get someone to take that vital next step.
  4. Give someone plenty of ways to make a connection –

    Mail marketing campaigns that are the most successful are those where customers have multiple ways to respond to what they receive. That could be via an online portal, order forms, postcards, coupons, social media or even the phone.
  5. Provide plenty of information with direct mail –

    One of the key differences between direct mail and email, for example, is that consumers spend a lot more time with direct mail. That means that there is more scope for including a greater breadth of information and, in particular, focusing on all the benefits that the customer could enjoy if they used your brand.

Direct Mail with CDP

Traditional mail marketing campaigns have the potential to make an impact and generate leads, sales and profit. These are some of the basics for getting your first campaign just right.   Our team has extensive direct mailing experience, helping local businesses across the UK with their traditional printing & marketing campaigns. Put your trust in us, and we guarantee to reduce your costs. We ‘ll be here when you need us; contact us today.

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