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6 reasons how using a printing company can help your business

Finding ways to improve efficiency and reduce the bottom line are crucial for any business today. Print management is often overlooked as a solution to some common problems, whether that ‘s the cost of equipment like printers or the potential for security issues to arise from poor management of documents and data. These are some of the key reasons why working with a printing company could really help your business.

● You ‘ll cut down on up front and ongoing costs – In fact, one survey carried out by Gartner found that businesses using print management services reduced hardware costs by up to 60% and ongoing printing costs by up to 30%. When it comes to maintenance, management, replacement or upgrading to the latest models, all of these costs will fall to the printing company and no longer to you.

● Reduce the time dedicated to print handling – If you ‘re tackling all your printing tasks in-house then you ‘ve got to deal with break down, topping up ink and toner cartridges and ensuring that technical issues don ‘t cause downtime. All of this can be very time consuming. A printing company will not only take these tasks off your plate but also ensure that they are more efficiently delivered – for example by using predictive maintenance and monitoring.

● Improving data security – In one recent survey, three quarters of the businesses that took part had experienced some kind of security issue related to documents. It ‘s easy to forget that printed documents can be just as much a source of data as digital databases and need to be protected too. Avoid the losses and reputational damage that can come from poor document management by working with a printing company to overhaul how your printed items are handled.

● Freeing up your IT team to add value elsewhere – Around half of all the calls that come into an IT help desk relate to printers. That can mean your highly skilled IT team are constantly caught up dealing with paper jams and printer issues. If you choose to work with a printing company instead you ‘ll free them up to apply their skills more effectively elsewhere.

● A flexible approach – Print management services can be scaled up – or down – depending on the need within the business at the time. It ‘s also simple to use this type of service no matter where your employees are located, whether some are based remotely or in-house. Working with print management solutions means your team will be able to access printers no matter where they are.

● Minimise paper waste – Not only is it bad for the environment but paper waste is costly for businesses too. Roughly 17% of printed pages are never even used. If you ‘re using print management then you ‘ll be able to see exactly how your business does in terms of printing volumes – and which employees are printing the most.

In conclusion, outsourcing your printing services to a printing company has countless benefits for businesses – and can make a big difference to the bottom line too.

CDP Print Management are leading managed print service providers in the UK and have a wealth of knowledge across all printing services.  

If you’d like to find out more about outsourcing your printing processes, then please get in touch with us today.


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