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A Guide To Using Print In Your Marketing Strategy

Using Print In Your Marketing Strategy

Is print marketing still effective?

When we talk about marketing strategy today, it ‘s often dominated by digital channels. However, the reality is that print has always been – and remains today – a very effective way to market your business. It ‘s much more tangible and long-lasting than digital marketing and can be a great alternative in a world where we are all trying to spend less time staring at screens. If you ‘re thinking about using print in your marketing strategy, then here ‘s our guide on how to do it.

  • Combine with digital marketing –

    You don ‘t have to choose one or the other when it comes to marketing – a combination of print and digital marketing can actually be the most effective approach. For example, add some info to your email campaign about free gifts or offers that will be coming through the door.
  • Create a robust distribution strategy –

    If you have great flyers and printed marketing materials, then you need to make sure they get into the hands of the right people. Where could you distribute flyers most likely to reach your target audience, and how could you grow your distribution list, so your reach is wider?
  • Don ‘t forget how impactful banners and signs are –

    Print marketing can be big – this is often a great way to attract new customers and build visibility for your brand. It ‘s especially effective if you have a humorous message or a vibrant and colourful design.
  • Use printed marketing materials at events and trade shows –

    Now that we are back in the world of real-person events, there are many opportunities to bring new people to your brand and help grow your audience. Print materials can be vital for this, whether that ‘s flyers you can hand to someone you ‘ve connected with at a trade fair or a brochure you use when you ‘re networking. It ‘s the ideal way to spread the word about your business and what it can do.
  • Opt for the direct mail approach –

    We get hundreds of emails daily, and this saturation level can mean that cold emailing often falls flat. That ‘s not the case for direct mail using printed materials, as it ‘s three times more likely that consumers will take the time to read printed materials like a flyer than digital communications. This can make direct mail a much more effective way to see a return on your marketing investment.
  • Use print marketing for discounts and deals –

    Customers can use vouchers to claim free gifts or discounts are a great way to reward loyalty and feel much more tangible than digital coupons. If you ‘re going to hold giveaways or give out freebies, then make sure you also include a flyer with your business information on too – this is one of the fastest ways to get people familiar with your businesses in a way that they will appreciate.

Printed materials are effective and engaging, making them a valuable tool in marketing strategy and the perfect partner for digital marketing channels. If you are a business looking to implement more printing strategies in your marketing – contact us today. We have specialist experience in creating stunning signage for businesses.

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