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In 1960 four boys set out on a mission; to change the world of popular music forever. Their names were John, Paul, George and Richard. You may not recognise the last name but believe me, Ringo ‘s real name is genuinely Richard. Beatlemania swept the world like a virus and it wasn ‘t long before the band were a household name in every civilised country in the world.

Thanks to The Beatles, Penny Lane has become one of the most famous roads in the world. The sign that simply reads;  City of Liverpool, Penny Lane, L18 ‘ has become a symbolic icon that represents the Beatles and is recognised the world over. At the time, Penny Lane was a bus terminal and the boys would meet their to get the bus into town.

The possible reasons for the bands unbelievable success are endless. Yes, they were incredibly talented musicians. Yes, they could write the sort of songs that transcended demographic divides and effortlessly captivated their audiences. Yes, they were four handsome young men who managed to snare the hearts of millions of adolescent women. But on top of that, they had the intelligence to utilise the tools they had at hand. Although they may differ slightly from country to country, road signs are everywhere, and are instantly recognisable by every audience in the world. To associate yourself with something so significant, relevant and so universally palatable is an incredibly effective marketing tool.


This is a perfect example of the power of appropriate and intelligent branding. When utilised correctly, imagery can take any company or organisation to the next level. CDP is a company which thrives on working to create signage that truly represents their clients. With an incredible knowledge of the importance of branding and creating the right image, the team at CDP do everything in their power to achieve your dream signs, lifting your company off the table and putting it out there for everyone to see. Drop an e-mail to let us know how we can help you: info@  

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