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Are Printed Catalogues Still Relevant In 2023?

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Digitisation has certainly been a theme in marketing in recent years. However, printed catalogues remain very relevant and useful. It’s not just a good idea to have a range of channels and tools to reach – and engage with – an audience but printed catalogues also offer something tactile and textural, which a website will never be able to achieve.


Why are Printed Catalogues Important?

If you’re considering printed catalogues here are the key reasons why they are still very much relevant in 2023:

1. Stand out in a World of Digital

Yes, social media and digital inboxes are where a lot of effort goes in marketing terms today – but that’s also why saturation levels are high. It’s difficult to reach people via these channels because everyone else is trying to do the same thing and no one really stands out. Using printed catalogues is a simple way to set your marketing apart. They continue to be present, boosting brand awareness, long after an email will have been deleted. Creative presentation can evoke the kind of emotion that helps to generate a connection. Plus, response rates for printed catalogues have increased significantly in recent years (according to the Data & Marketing Association) due to the number of Millennials for whom they are a novelty.

2. Increase Conversion Rates

An IRL marketing channel can still provide plenty of data when it comes to conversion rates. For example, if you want to see how printed catalogues perform in terms of conversion, simply link your sales data with those who received a printed catalogue from you. If the result of receiving the catalogue was the initiating of a sale then it worked as a marketing channel. This kind of information will allow you to target the customers who actually want to spend and improve the way your marketing performs.

3. Easy to Integrate with Digital Marketing

There is no reason why you have to pick between digital marketing and IRL marketing like a printed catalogue. In fact you can leverage printed catalogues to help drive footfall in stores, send customers to your website and even get them to download your app. A strong, standout brochure helps to provide a space in which customers can learn about your products or services – and makes this fun. It can bring another dimension to your marketing strategy and integrate easily with everything you’re doing digitally.

4. Building stronger connections with consumers

On average, consumers take just over 15 minutes to go through a catalogue – that’s significantly more attention than they will give to an email or a social media post. That means that catalogues are a great tool for customer acquisition and retention – and building stronger ongoing relationships. A well designed catalogue will trigger emotions, which are the foundation of building a bond with consumers. This works especially well with anything where customers can sit and think about items in the images in their own life, such as curtains or gardens.


Your Print Management Professionals

Printed catalogues are still very relevant in 2023 and can be an enormously valuable part of marketing strategy. CDP offer an extensive range of print services, so get in touch today – let’s progress your business together.

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