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Branded Promotional Products: The Ultimate Marketing Tool

promotional products

Branded promotional products are essentially any products that has your company logo or branding on. This could be anything, from a reusable coffee cup to a cap, pens or something like chocolate. Businesses, from Google to the smallest enterprise, have chosen to invest in promotional items because it does such a great job when it comes to brand awareness and promoting a business. In fact, some might say it’s the ultimate marketing tool.


Increase conversions with promotional products

Very often, people will do business with the business that they receive promotional products from. This means that promotional products are actually a very effective way to generate conversions and revenue, as well as raising awareness of your brand wherever your promotional items are being distributed and used. There are also several other reasons why promotional products are so widely used as a marketing tool.

  • Works with any budget. No matter what the size of your budget there will be promotional product options that can be customised to function as effective marketing for your business. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get your branding and logo out there but the return on investment can be significant.
  • Recognition and remembering. When people are repeatedly seeing your brand logo on everyday items it tends to lodge in the mind and this will help to create recognition and remembering. The more people remember your brand, the more likely it is to be the ‘go to’ for their business – and the more familiar your branding is the easier it will be for people to reach out with trust.
  • Boosting customer loyalty. When you invest in promotional items that actually feels like a real gift to receive, it can have a very positive impact on customer loyalty. We all love getting something for free – especially something that is really useful and engaging. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you’re consistent when it comes to the quality and design of promotional products.
  • This is marketing for the long term. Some studies have found that customers can remember a brand name for up to two years after receiving promotional products from the business. That’s an incredibly effective form of marketing that has a much longer term impact than many other options.
  • The impact on social media. We all love to share today – and we are more likely to share something we feel is cool, quirky, interesting or a great deal. Promotional items that engages consumers has a higher chance of being shared online, helping to build recognition and brand profile.
  • More effective than a business card. In a sea of similar approaches, promotional products can really make your business stand out. It’s far more effective than a card, especially as two thirds of people will remember the name of the brand that gave them a promotional product.

Promotional items establishes brand recognition, generates revenue and boosts customer loyalty – it’s the ultimate marketing tool.


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