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Digital Mailrooms are increasing business efficiency

Digital Mailroom Productivity

Does a digital mailroom increase productivity?

Productivity is a key goal for any business – and often one of the driving forces behind digital transformation. Improving operational efficiency and increasing profits and productivity doesn ‘t require huge investments, as sometimes the simplest and most effective solutions are the easiest to implement. A digital mailroom is one of these – a fast track to a more productive environment and a resource that supports more efficient outcomes.


How do they increase productivity?


It will help to optimise the way that you ‘re communicating with customers and lower the general cost. Speed, efficiency and responsiveness to changes in demand and circumstances are also key to how the digital mailroom delivers benefits. One of the most useful tools is automation, which means that manual time-consuming tasks can be completed digitally in a much shorter time than it would take human staff to finish. So how do the productivity benefits work in practice?


  • Reducing the potential for mistakes – Manual processes leave much room for human error, which can slow down productivity and make everything more time-consuming. A digital mailroom takes this out of human hands, using software to scan for keywords and automatically assign mail to the right person. This not only reduces the potential for errors but speeds processes up considerably too.

  • Automation on many levels – In a traditional mailroom, 60% of the time is spent sorting, which can greatly impact productivity. Automating a digital mailroom means it ‘s much easier to sort and distribute letters (even if they are scanned versions of physical copies) and to keep track of where everything has been sent and when.

  • Integration to improve the customer experience – Integrating a digital mailroom with other elements of your customer communications management system is simple to improve how consumers experience your business. Doing this tends to provide more support for the customer journey, giving people what they need at every stage and reducing the number of requests likely to come into your customer service team.

  • Streamlining inbound communications – Switching to a digital mailroom provides the opportunity to streamline all inbound communications to the business to improve how they are handled. Everything is accessible through a remote portal, which means that everyone can use a single, central repository, including hybrid workers who aren ‘t in the office. Integrating a digital mailroom with a CRM helps to create a single customer view, which means your customer service team will always have access to the latest information about the people they are interacting with.

  • Tailor it to your needs – A digital mailroom is incredibly versatile and can be specifically tailored to the needs of the business. As a result, implementation can be tactical so that specific mailroom areas are optimised to deliver the biggest productivity benefits.


From minimising the potential for mistakes to optimising automation, a digital mailroom can increase productivity on many levels. Contact us today to learn more about how we can increase efficiency within your business.


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