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Ensuring Data Security in Your Print and Mail Campaigns

Ensuring data security in mail campaigns with CDP print management

Ever since the GDPR legislation came in, data security and managing this data correctly has been incredibly important. Further to this, transparency to the end user in how data has been acquired and used is absolutely necessary. What this means for any print mail campaigns, is that you ensure you chose digital printing services that prioritise data security.

Why You Need to Keep Your Print and Mail Data Secure

It’s not just about avoiding big fines, there is so much more to worry about if your data gets stolen.
This includes damage to your brand reputation, which goes on to affect how customers view your company. A negative image for your brand can impact multiple areas for your business/organisation, leading to cash flow problems.

Here’s what could go wrong:

  • Damage to your Brand: Imagine if people found out their personal details got leaked from your business. They might start thinking twice about dealing with you, which could hurt your reputation and lose you customers.
  • Growing Your Business/Organisation: When you’re trying to close deals or acquire funding, you might have to say if you’ve had any data leaks. Saying “yes” could mean you lose out on the opportunity, affecting your business growth.
  • Being Held Responsible: Lately, people have been getting into trouble for not handling personal details properly. What is often overlooked is that this liability becomes personal, impacting individuals directly. Make sure you know what you’re allowed to do with the information you have.
  • Security Breaches: If your website stops working because of a security problem, you’ll miss opportunities until it’s fixed. The longer it’s down, the more you will lose, not to mention the hit to your reputation. Further to this, a security breach can seriously damage the performance of your website itself, leading to long-term opportunity cost.

It cannot be stressed enough how incredibly important it is to keep your data secure. It’s not really a choice, but instead something you strictly must do.

Digital Printing Services with Data Security

When conducting a print or mail campaign, the best way to keep your data secure it to use digital printing services that prioritise data security. At CDP, we understand the importance of keeping your print secure, offering services such as security printing, and always striving to improve our qualifications.

Announcing our Cyber Essentials Plus Qualification

We have recently been re-accredited our Cyber Essentials Plus certificate of assurance. We’re proud to announce this as a testament to our data security and to showcase our dedication to protecting your data.

Need Data Security for Your Print and Mail Campaigns?

Our digital printing services always operate with data security as a priority. We have a wide range of services and products to suit your needs. If you’re considering digital printing services, don’t hesitate to contact us and start securing your print and mail campaigns.

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