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Envelope Printing: Small Details, Big Impact

envelope printing

There is huge value in investing in direct marketing campaigns to help drive sales, build brand loyalty and test customers’ responses to your products or services. When it comes to ensuring that you’re optimising all the efforts you make with direct marketing, don’t forget to manage your envelope printing effectively. Like every element of direct marketing, envelopes can contain small details that can have a big impact when it comes to achieving the outcomes you’re hoping for.


How can you make the most of envelope printing?

• Use Professional Graphic Design.

The main reason why attention to detail works when it comes to envelopes is because it will make them more eye-catching. And, the more eye-catching an envelope is, the more likely that someone will pick it up and open it. Opting for professional graphic design significantly increases the chances of this. Your branded envelopes are the first point of contact with your customers and often the way that you make a first impression so they are vitally important. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent on the contents of the envelope if it doesn’t get opened in the first place.


• Utilise Bold Details and Design

Subtlety can be effective but if you’re trying to stand out – and to get someone to pick up your envelopes and look inside then it can be wasted effort. Colours, logos and images that are too discreet may simply go unnoticed. That’s why it’s a really good idea to be bold when it comes to details and design. Opt for the bright colours that are going to draw attention, use striking designs and logos that really demand to be looked at. This kind of big bold design doesn’t have to look over the top, especially if you’re using a professional team.


• Remember that Blank Envelopes say Nothing

In fact, that’s why so much correspondence in blank envelopes generally gets ignored – there is nothing on the envelope that indicates the contents might be interesting to the consumer. Unless it’s from a brand they already know, most customers will have little motivation to open a plain envelope just because it’s arrived in the post.


• Use High Quality Envelopes

The main reason for this is to give them the best possible chance of arriving in good condition. Clean, undamaged and uncrumpled envelopes will make a far better impression than those that arrive in a mess. Although you have no control about what happens to your envelopes while they are going through the postal process, you can maximise the chances of them being undamaged by opting for high quality products in the first place. Another key factor is to use a delivery service that you trust. Not only does this mean that your envelopes are more likely to arrive on time but it also means that they will sustain less damage.


Envelope printing is a great way to increase the effectiveness of direct mail marketing – and improve the chances of success.


Embrace Creative Envelope Printing

Unlock the power of standout design and premium printing with CDP. From creative concepts to flawless execution, our comprehensive print services and design expertise can elevate your direct mail campaign. Ready to make an impactful impression? Reach out to CDP today and let’s craft your next success story.

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