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Envelopes: the medium is the message


You have probably heard the famous expression:  œThe medium is the message. 

We completely agree that the form your message is delivered is as important as the message itself.

It ‘s the same idea as  œthe first impression is that it stays. 

The medium by which your message is delivered exert influences on people ‘s perception about the sender   you.

But not only that: the medium also impacts how people understand and interpret your message   and all this happens in a matter of seconds.

As an example, try to imagine how a wedding invitation usually looks.

What is the envelope like: thin or thick paper? What about the lettering? Is it elegant and distinct or common and unappealing?

If you happen to receive a wedding invitation that is different from what you were initially expecting, you immediately make some conclusions about the whole wedding   without even having opened the envelope yet!

That ‘s why some people argue that sometimes how your message is delivered is not equal – but more important – than the message itself.

If you stop to think, this idea can be applied to our day-to-day life as well. How many times have you been talking to someone who was saying something, but whose body language was saying the total opposite? Sometimes there is no need to say anything at all: shaking hands or a big smile are enough to say it all.

If you are thinking about sending letters or developing a direct mail campaign, you should bear in mind that the envelopes you use are as important as the content of your campaign.

Envelopes are usually overlooked, but they are extremely important as:

  • They tell your receiver who you are
  • They convey a perception of personalisation
  •  The first impression is that it stays ‘ is at stake

That ‘s why at CDP believe that you should deliver your message by the most efficient medium possible. We have an extensive product portfolio ranging from producing millions of envelopes to designing and producing bespoke, handmade envelopes in any shape, size or material.

If you need help creating and deciding on the best envelope for your business goals, get in touch with us:

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