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Have managed print services changed since the pandemic?

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The pandemic had an impact on our working lives in many different ways. In particular, the shift to hybrid working was a big change to a lot of workforces. As more and more workers left the office, printing levels started to drop and the use of digital documents and platforms considerably increased. However, in a post-pandemic world we are once again starting to see a return to rising printing volumes, as well as many staff revealing that they may not have used office printers but were actually printing at home throughout COVID-19. So where does this leave managed print services today?


New working models require change


It ‘s not just due to the pandemic that businesses have been printing less over the past decade. A focus on sustainability has generated many attempts to reduce the volumes of paper being printed in offices and the wide availability of digital devices and high-speed internet has also helped. However, printed documents remain clearly necessary, whether these are for business purposes or just because this is how individuals like to work. That has meant a change in focus for managed print services partners and refocusing on how best to support customers in a post-pandemic, hybrid model working world.


A rethink has become necessary


For many businesses, printing since the pandemic has required a rethink in terms of how, and where, this actually happens. Some enterprises have chosen to invest in different equipment or a new set up that is more automated or based in the cloud. Other organisations have simply made the decision to outsource the challenges of printing, whether that is how to reduce costs or the best way to achieve a more efficient process, and work with managed print services instead. As more enterprises have shifted towards digital transformation, many are increasingly viewing managed print services as the best option for supporting this in the most efficient way going forward.


Managed print services and hybrid working


Flexible working has been forced on businesses over the past couple of years. However, since the start of the pandemic, many organisations have begun to recognise the benefits of this more agile way of operating. Of course, challenges remain and in particular when it comes to existing equipment that makes it difficult to accommodate more hybrid workers with printing needs. Managed print services provide a clear solution to this, minimising the need for home workers to use their own individual printers and giving a business options when it comes to tracking printing and printing costs. There are also many other associated services that can be equally useful, such as hybrid mail, where mail is remotely printed, managed and sent out without the need for staff to actually enter the building.


As before the pandemic, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to printing – but it ‘s true for every business that managed print services can make a difference. Today, a managed print services partner can help to support hybrid working models and make it easier for any enterprise to be more agile.


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