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How a Free Print Audit Can Boost Your Organisation’s Efficiency

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Boosting efficiency is a key goal for many organisations today. There are several ways that you can do this – including with a free print audit. The idea behind a free print audit is to improve transparency and provide insight that drives positive change. But how does it work and what kind of benefits can you expect to see?


What is a Print Audit?

Software is used to monitor and collect data on the existing print infrastructure that your organisation is using, how this is being used and where change might be beneficial. It will also provide data in areas such as user behaviours, costs and print volumes. The process can provide vital insight into the way that a document is processed through your business. Plus, all the data collected can then be analysed to find problems and pinpoint opportunities.


What are the Benefits of a Free Print Audit?

1. Full Transparency

It’s very easy to waste money around printing processes when you’re not that clear about how they currently work. But when you carry out a free print audit you’ll be able to see exactly how documents move through your business, as well as the equipment, suppliers and usage. This is the basis of ensuring that you have an efficient printing strategy in place.

2. More Efficiency Overall

A poor print infrastructure can compromise operational efficiency. But opting for managed print services – often the next step after a print audit – streamlines channels and processes and provides clarity on where more efficiency can be achieved.

3. Revealing Environmental Impact

With a free print audit you’ll be able to see where your current printing set up is creating green issues, such as wasting paper and ink or using a lot of electricity. This information can be used in a multitude of ways to boost organisational efficiency, from changing user behaviours to enabling the switch to managed print services. It also makes it possible to define an environmental print policy so that your enterprise has clear guidelines in place when it comes to printing and environmental impact.

4. Greater Document Security

A lack of transparency around your print processes can also create vulnerabilities when it comes to security and these can be hard to see until it’s too late. With a print audit, these gaps are soon revealed, whether that is documents being printed on unsecured devices or confidential print waste being left around, exposed. Addressing these vulnerabilities can help to improve security for your business and ensure compliance with key regulations, such as those around data protection.

5. Reducing print costs

With a free print audit you’ll be able to see exactly where the savings can be made – and also whether managed print solutions would be a cost-effective step for the business. A managed print service can help to reduce organisational costs by 30% so this is often a smart move.

If you’re keen to boost your business’ efficiency, a free print audit is a great place to start.


Book Your Free Print Audit with CDP

Maximise efficiency and uncover savings with our free print audit. Gain clarity on your printing processes, enhance security, and make informed decisions. Contact us today and book your complimentary print audit. Let’s revolutionise your print strategy together.

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