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How hybrid mailing will benefit the hybrid workers

How hybrid mailing will benefit the hybrid workers

Prior to the pandemic only around 5% of the workforce said that they worked from home. While hybrid working was an option in many organisations, it wasn’t the norm and most businesses didn ‘t see how it could be accommodated. Today, it ‘s a totally different story as COVID has shown us how much more is possible when it comes to working practices. But to optimise the input and experience of hybrid workers it ‘s vital to ensure that you have the right infrastructure in place – hybrid mailing has a big part to play in this.


Hybrid working is the optimal working model going forward


That ‘s according to 83% of respondents in one recent Accenture survey. 70% of companies are planning to adopt a hybrid working model and this is a popular choice with staff too, as nearly 80% said that they feel they are more productive when they are working on a hybrid basis. So, without a doubt hybrid working is here to stay. That has presented some issues for many businesses working with legacy infrastructure and tech, especially when it comes to where to invest resources first. One of the most obvious places to start is hybrid mailing.


Going digital


The foundation of a hybrid workplace is solid digital infrastructure. Hybrid mailing means that communications and solutions are accessible to workforces wherever they are, with no drop off in service quality or the tools required to work effectively.   A hybrid mailing solution means that mail can be created and organised quickly and efficiently online and sent directly to customers no matter where an employee is based. This includes a whole range of different printed materials, whether that ‘s promotional postcards, statements, greetings cards or letters. Hybrid mailing solutions can service hundreds of thousands of customers at the click of a button – these are just some of the ways in which hybrid workers benefit from solutions like this:


  • No need to manually process the documents –  Hybrid workers can send out all the documents that they need to without having to go through the manual process of printing and sending.


  • Workers aren ‘t bound to the office – Prior to the pandemic, some staff may have seen mailing commitments as the only obstacle to a much more flexible working life. Today, that doesn ‘t have to be the case as even mailing responsibilities don ‘t bind someone to an office.


  • Saving time and money – Hybrid mailing is fast and cost effective and helps to cut down on wasted time for all those involved.


  • High security and transparency – Companies can set up one main account and use this for a number of different users so that there is always a high level of security and transparency about who has done what.


  • Mailings can be scheduled – Unlike manual mailing which has to be done on the day it is required, hybrid mailing can be scheduled well in advance making planning much easier.


Using hybrid mailing makes things easier for businesses – and much simpler for hybrid workers too.

CDP Print Management can help you make your hybrid working processes simple and more efficient with our extensive range of managed print services including EasyPost Hybrid Mailing.

Contact our team today and we’ll be in touch to discuss the systems you need in place to optimise your new working model.

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