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How is digital printing used in production?

How is digital printing used in production

Digital printing has a big contribution to make to production today. There is often an assumption that the only way to approach production is using traditional methods – or that digital printing isn ‘t suitable for a wide range of jobs. However, the reality is that digital printing is incredibly versatile when it comes to production – and it can not only give you more scope but also make improvements when it comes to productivity and profit too.


Why are more companies using digital printing in production?


Switching to digital, as opposed to traditional production printing, offers many benefits that make it a natural choice for businesses going forward – these are some of the ways that it is used.


Improved quality –

Digital printing can result in a much higher quality when it comes to production. That ‘s not only with respect to the print itself but also when it comes to quality consistency, which is much more reliable with digital printing. The colours and design on the first print will be as clear and accurate as on the last.

To accommodate short runs –

It’s more versatile than traditional methods, so it ‘s a better choice for shorter print runs. Even with a variety of personalised information and short deadlines, it ‘s much easier to accommodate when you ‘re working with digital printing. There are no pre-press processes to tackle and the initial set-up time is minimised.

Flexibility, innovation and choice –

Traditional production print methods can be quite restrictive and don ‘t integrate innovation particularly well. That can be incredibly limiting. Its is a much more versatile option that can allow you to considerably extend your capabilities and access opportunities that may not otherwise have been available to your business. The range of choice is vast with digital printing, whether that relates to the range of substrates or the types of finishes. Plus, technology enables easy adoption of the most cutting-edge development, whether that ‘s using foil stamping, UV finishes or printing onto a broad spectrum of different materials, from paper to ceramics.

A more cost-effective choice –

If your budget is the focus – or you ‘re just looking for ways to be more efficient – then digital printing makes a lot of sense. There are far fewer costs associated which provides plenty of potential to improve profit margins.

Sustainability –

For many organisations today, sustainability has become a key goal. Digital printing is a vital sustainability tool and ticks many boxes that traditional production print can ‘t. For example, it can reduce and prevent paper and ink waste (especially as proofs can be sent electronically) and there are fewer toxic chemicals involved in the process, as well as no print screens required. For those brands focused on being more eco-friendly, digital print is the obvious first choice.


Printing has a key role to play in production – it is more cost-effective, versatile and sustainable and increasingly looks like the future where printing is concerned.


If you have a project in mind or are looking to outsource all of your print management, we would love to hear about it. Contact us today.

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