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Is Digital Printing Sustainable?

Is digital printing sustainable?


Net Zero targets and sustainability standards have forced many businesses today to be much more aware of how environmentally sound their products and processes are. This can only be a good thing in the long run. However, it can also present many challenges, especially for smaller organisations where there is also a key focus on cost effectiveness. The good news is that if you ‘re currently using digital printing then you ‘re already on the right road when it comes to green focus because digital printing is sustainable in lots of different ways.


  • If you ‘re using digital printing then you ‘re already reducing your emissions – Carbon footprint and the emissions that are released during processes such as production are vital data for businesses today. If you ‘re opting for digital print then you ‘re already a step ahead when it comes to sustainability. That ‘s because digital printers produce significantly fewer CO2 emissions than many traditional and rotogravure printers. In fact, if you find the right digital printers their presses are often carbon neutral, which can have a hugely positive knock-on effect on your supply chain carbon emissions as a whole.

  • Tackling the waste problem – Waste is another big sustainability issue for the business community, especially given the high volumes that get dumped in landfill every year. However, if you ‘re using digital printing then the process is much more precise and there is a lot less wastage involved. Digital printing also doesn ‘t require the plates that traditional printers do. Because these wear and tear over time they have to be frequently replaced, meaning that there is a lot more plate waste with a traditional, as opposed to a digital, printing process.

  • Printing to demand minimises inventory waste too – The digital printing process is much more flexible for brands, even those that are looking to place smaller orders. Digital printing helps to cut down on obsolescence, which means a lot less unused plastic in landfill. This also means fewer wasted costs so there will be a lot more left in the bank if you ‘re opting for digital printing, as opposed to a traditional process.

  • Opportunities to invest in sustainability throughout the printing process – When you choose digital printing there are plenty of choices you can make to ensure that the process – and the end products – are as sustainable as they can possibly be. That includes sustainable ink and films, as well as sustainable options when it comes to packaging materials to be printed onto. Sustainable inks produce less energy and fewer emissions and polymer-based inks don’t contain any Hazardous Air Pollutants, for example.

  • Sustainability + choice, even for small brands – If you ‘re not a big name brand with vast resources it can be difficult to make significant shifts towards sustainability. Digital printing is a simple way to do this while also still maintaining the choice and quality that you need when it comes to printed products.


Digital printing is a very sustainable process that will have positive knock-on benefits up and down your supply chain. It ‘s a vital choice for any business focused on sustainability today.  

CDP Print Management offer a sustainable digital printing service to help you streamline business efficiencies and reduce print costs – find out more about digital printing or contact us  today!

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