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London Underground Roundel

You can picture the scene; airport tag hanging from the handle of your slightly too small, too heavy hand luggage bag. Children exhausted from travel, but giddy and nauseous because of the welcomed distraction of sweets. Your London city break has begun.

  Once you ‘ve sipped some overpriced, average tasting coffee and you ‘re confident all the children have made it through, you scan the area for some sort of sign that can prompt you in the right direction. Your eyes observe the scene, avoiding duty free shops and estranged relatives sharing awkward embraces. Then you see it, in all its simple beauty and understated sophistication. The London Underground Roundel. A beacon of hope to confused travellers attempting to embrace the maze of cultural diversity, beauty and history that is London.

  The first completed section of the London Underground opened in 1863, but it wasn ‘t until 1908 that the Roundel, designed by Harry Beck, became the official logo for the London Underground. The mission was clear: the logo had to be instantly recognisable in any location. It also had to stand out against walls of billboards and advertisements. The roundel, with its block colours and strong, distinguishable disc shape, achieved exactly that and has become an iconic sign recognised the world over.

  The London Underground takes up to 4.8 million passengers per day to many destinations across London. Each of these voyagers casts their eyes upwards towards the mighty Roundel, a sign that they trust to get them home safely. The importance of appropriate and relevant signage is paramount to any company. It is often the first part of your brand that the public will see. With such an incredibly important role, it is best to leave it to the experts.

  At CDP, we are exactly that. Our experienced designers know exactly what it takes to make your sign stand out from the rest. It is our mission to produce a unique sign that will present your business professionally, while consistently following your brands identity. Drop us an e-mail to find out what we can do for you: info@  

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