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New Year New Marketing: Brand Trust


Industry leaders are predicting that brand trust will be one of the most important marketing measures across multiple sectors in 2020.

Why is brand trust so important?

Recent research has shown that less than 50% of UK consumers trust businesses, it has been a general trend moving down in the UK and the US over the last decade. This is pretty bad news for brands, as ¬†brand trust ¬†has proven to be a big deal when it comes to customer acquisition and loyalty. Now consumers have more power and more choice. They need a reason to choose your brand over others.

So how can brands build trust?

You must understand your value proposition and make it about two things about your business: competency and benevolence. Competency represents your ability to realise and delivery on your promises while benevolence represents the intentions and motives beneficial to customers. Your value proposition is a first promise to customers, don ‘t break it.

Focus on content

Creating and promoting high-quality, relevant content isn ‘t a new marketing idea, but using it to build trust is more important than ever. Establishing yourself as a thought leader and providing your readers with content that addresses their problems and gives them tips and solutions helps make you a valuable resource for your customers. The focus should be authentic and educational, not about selling services, times have changed – hard-selling tactics are not as effective for today ‘s more informed, more demanding consumers.

Embody values that set you apart

Don ‘t be afraid to do something different, and beyond that, don ‘t be afraid to do things just for your customers. Give value to them, don ‘t try and get it out of them. For example, when every other restaurant is charging an extra pound to add chips with a starter, don ‘t. Or when other companies charge for initial consultations, make yours free. Little things make a big difference when you are building trust.

Be transparent and over-deliver on your promises

Bottom line: deliver. The benefits in your value proposition, deliver them. Stay consistent. If you promise in-person quarterly meetings, weekly phone-calls or daily updates: deliver. Treat your customers like VIPs and go above and beyond for them. They will remember. Satisfied customers are loyal customers, they will not only come back to you, but they will tell their friends about you. This is just one of the ways we ‘ve stayed in business for over 40 years.

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