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Optimising Your Mailing in a Digital Landscape

Optimising your mailing in a digital landscape

Direct mail is still a highly effective part of any communication strategy – and essential to balance out the digital overwhelm that many people feel today. However, whether it is effective for your business will depend on how you’re using it. These are our tips for optimising your mailing in a digital landscape to ensure that you’re getting the most from your investment.

Direct mail as part of a multi-channel strategy

Paper-based communications have a 99% engagement rate and are trusted by 71% of customers. 43% of the time they deliver a commercial action, which is one of the reasons why direct mail should be a key part of a multi-channel strategy for any business today. Digital channels can be incredibly powerful and help your brand connect to new audiences – but won’t reach everyone. Using digital channels can create an opportunity for instant two-way communication, which is ideal for customer service or something like a survey. However, open and response rates for direct mailing are far higher than for email or social media. Plus, physical mail is often viewed as more trustworthy and real.

Optimising mailing is essential

Choosing to optimise your mailing with an experienced vendor brings all the benefits of direct mail as a communications channel in the most streamlined way. The number one advantage of doing this is that you’re able to minimise costs while also maximising what you’re able to do with mail. There are many parts of the mailing journey that can be tweaked in order to create savings and working with the right partner will make this simple.

How to start optimising your mailing in a digital landscape

Conduct an audit of how you currently use mailing in your business. Look at the costs that this generates and where it uses up resources. Look at where there might be opportunities to improve how this is currently managed – and to cut costs – so that you’re getting more from the investment that you make in mailing for your business. Key to this will be looking at whether you’re putting together a mailing that is likely to generate the response you’re looking for from customers the first time around. So that you don’t have to spend time and money on resending items. Cast a critical eye over how you pay for postage and the tariffs that affect your business so that you know where spend is the highest and where there is the potential for savings to be made.

Working with a professional partner

One of the simplest ways to optimise your mailing is to simply choose to work with a professional partner such as CDP Print Management. This gives you access to all the insight and experience necessary to simplify and streamline how your business handles mailing. You’ll also get the benefit of a wide range of expertise when it comes to identifying solutions that could work better going forwards.

Optimising your mailing in a digital landscape starts by looking at where your business is right now in terms of mailing – what the goals are and what kind of support might be able to help you get to where you want to go.

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