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Why print is not dead

2018 is here and it looks like digital is the only way to go. You may stop and think:  œWhy should I consider print in my campaigns? Should I focus my effort on online strategies? Is print still relevant nowadays? ‘. You may be surprised, but the answer is  yes ‘!

According to several recent studies (sources included down below), print plays an interesting and complementary role in a world where the digital seems to be the formula for success.

The truth is: there is no secret formula. It ‘s a trial and error process and you may need some help along the way.

But don ‘t take our word for it. We ‘ve gathered some interesting   and surprising! – facts about the importance of print and why you should consider employing a good mix of both print and digital strategies in your next marketing campaign:

  • 60% of consumers consider printed mail more effective to keep a brand top of mind
  • People don ‘t like email that much: 70% feel they receive too many emails per day and 55% delete an email within two seconds
  • Nearly 60% of consumers spend time reading printed material that ultimately drive them to an action online
  • 84% of consumers says they retain information easily when reading printed words
  • Waitrose states  œprint is our most effective ROI channel 

As mentioned, we can ‘t deny the importance of digital strategies for any given business nowadays – it ‘s simply a  must-do ‘. However, digital activity can greatly benefit from offline efforts when both work seamlessly together.

If you need guidance on how to get started with your print strategy, we are happy to help. Drops us an email today:



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