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Security Printing: What are the uses and Benefits?

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Given the rise in the number of thefts and frauds in recent times, security printing is becoming increasingly vital. Products that have financial or social value, such as tickets, gift cards or e-certificates, need to be guaranteed as authentic and protected against theft and fraud. Security printing offers a range of different security features that ensure that this can happen. So, what are the main uses and benefits you can expect where security printing is concerned?


The Main Uses of Security Printing

Using security printing means you’re able to create documents and products in a way that prevents unauthorised copies from being made. This is achieved via secure print software or high-end printing machines. This is an innovative area that has come a long way over the past decade and evolved significantly. Today, it has a wide range of different uses, including for certificates and tickets, as well as gift vouchers, loyalty and membership cards, online vouchers, and speciality solutions (such as long service awards).


What are the Benefits of Security Printing?

  • Helping to avoid error and fraud. Standard printing can leave you open to error and fraud in a way that you won’t be with security printing. Professional security features ensure that documents are both authentic and protected. It also offers a way to produce documents quickly and to minimise costs, especially those that are triggered by counterfeit problems.
  • A defence against data loss through forgery etc. Using security printing ensures that sensitive data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. That could be the data in patient records, financial information, or medical research data, for example. Secure print services provide a range of options for making documents authentic and preventing forgery and counterfeiting that could allow a third party to get access to information that they shouldn’t have.
  • Protecting customer relationships. Using security printing shows customers that you value the safety of their data and are taking steps to ensure that this is being maintained. There are also many opportunities to use this method of printing to develop customer relationships, whether you’re keen to create a loyalty card that helps keep consumers coming back to your brand or gift vouchers. All of these can help to establish and nurture strong relationships with your target audience over the long term.
  • Ensuring safe events. Ticketing is crucial for events – and ensuring security during this process is vital. Whether it’s the music industry or sport, being able to make sure that only legitimate customers are able to access the event is key. Counterfeit tickets can cause huge problems with overcrowding, organisation and even disruption and the best way to avoid this is to use security printing to create tickets that can’t be replicated. Unique and customisable features keep events secure and ensure they run smoothly, providing a positive experience for customers as well as avoiding organiser stress.

Secure your Print with CDP

Our financial and security printing services ensure that your documents are protected. From personalised holograms to thermochromic inks, we ensure your print management services will be securely taken care of. Contact us today and we can discuss your challenges – but most importantly get to work solving them.

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