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The Benefits of Managed Print Services for Businesses

The benefits of managed print services for businesses

Managed print services allow businesses to fuel digital transformation and greater overall efficiency. This solution involves working with a managed print services partner that will be able to manage and optimise all the printing hardware required by the organisation, as well as associated print supplies and consumables. There are a number of key benefits to opting for managed print services for businesses.


  • The opportunity to reduce overall costs – Switch from a chaotic range of costs and expenses to a single, one-off monthly fee that is easy to manage and predictable to budget for. All devices can be integrated into a single monitoring system and unnecessary technology can be removed from systems to provide greater oversight and a more streamlined approach. Better management of printing by working with a managed print services provider can save up to 40% on existing print costs.


  • A better approach to hardware and hardware budgets – It can be a real challenge for any business cash flow to absorb the impact of the upfront cost of hardware. If you ‘re using managed print services, the are other ways to deal with this, including leasing and flexible payment options. Access to better forecasting tools and analytics make it easier to get more perspective on spend and use.


  • Productivity is boosted – By using managed print services, many organisations remove a burden from the business that frees up the opportunity for affected employees to add more value elsewhere. From configuring printers to dealing with breakages and jams or introducing automation in service delivery, there are many ways that managed print services can improve productivity and remove efficiency barriers.


  • A more sustainable approach – Managed print services can help your business reduce power consumption and waste and make more sustainable equipment choices. It ‘s much easier to monitor usage and need so the that ideal print solutions can be devised to exactly meet requirements with no excess or waste involved.


  • Enhanced security – Data security is vitally important for every organisation today but many remain unaware of vulnerabilities and potential exposure to risk. Managed print services can be a key part of the process of identifying where there are issues and putting measures in place to enhance security. That could be something as simple as ensuring that printing policies are up to date or introducing new measures to avoid theft from print trays, for example.


  • Fit-for-purpose technology – Documents continue to play a big role in operations for every business today, which is why effective print management is so important. It is key to align document capabilities with the company’s true needs and to optimise the infrastructure, equipment and processes that support this. For many businesses, this is difficult to achieve without the support and guidance of a managed print services specialist provider.


From a more streamlined approach and lower costs to improved sustainability and productivity business-wide, these are just some of the benefits available to any organisation using managed print services.


CDP are a leading print management company based in London and Liverpool, servicing the UK. If you’re looking to outsource your printing to a reputable printing company, CDP should be your first choice. Contact us to find out more.

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