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The Evolution of Digital Printing

The Evolution of Digital Printing

Digital printing has been with us since the 1990s and, while the pandemic may have caused many shifts over the past two years, this is one industry that is still going strong. However, it is definitely evolving, from the opportunities it offers to interact with customers, to the way that the broader print industry is changing. So, what can we expect from the evolution of digital print services in 2022?

  • Digital printing is still very much in demand – That includes organisations across the spectrum, from businesses to universities, schools and hospitals – digital printing services are a vital resource for all. The industry continues to grow – in 2022 alone, commercial printing is forecast to generate $900 billion in revenue.
  • More diversity and more choice – During the pandemic, many businesses started to suffer and this triggered warning signs for survival. As a result, as conditions have stabilised, we ‘ve seen many roaring backs with even more choice and diversity for customers to create much more competitive offerings. More effective, smarter printing tech is driving the evolution of the industry, as well as print providers offering a much broader spectrum of products and services. The end result is more options for customers and much greater diversity and choice.
  • Online digital printing services are going to continue to boom – Every sector was affected by the lockdowns that defined the pandemic, including digital print. There were clearly some challenges. However, one of the major advantages was the exposure that online digital printing received among customers who loved it. The enthusiasm for online digital printing continues into 2022, with everything from photo books to greeting cards, business cards, brochures and signs being completed online. Many customers prefer the flexibility this offers, as well as the direct influence that they can have on each design. As a result, we ‘re likely to see online ordering become the number one way that most people access digital printing in the very near future.
  • A thriving economy – With more people turning to online ordering to access digital printing services, businesses are increasing the size of workforces and looking for smart people with the skill sets to improve brand uniqueness and perception. This means more robust support for digital print needs, as well as a positive impact on local communities where these businesses operate.
  • A vast array of value-added services – More sophisticated digital print tech means that businesses are increasingly able to offer a range of extra value-added services to customers too. These services provide more options for catering to customer needs and providing a one stop digital printing shop that is both cost effective and convenient. Many digital printing companies will use this to build stronger relationships with customers and to expand and streamline the ways in which interactions take place, including when it comes to better data handling.

Digital printing services have gone through a big shift thanks to COVID-19 – and the future looks bright. With online ordering, more tech-smart options and continued customer enthusiasm for digitally printed products, the industry ‘s evolution looks set to be a productive one in 2022.

A key feature of our service is the range of possibilities, we have an extensive list of digital printing materials and applications which can bring your project to life.

If you can ‘t find what you ‘re looking for on the list, we can still help. Just get in touch with our team via our contact page.

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