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The Future Is Now: How AI is changing digital printing

In the past few years, we have seen huge changes in digital printing – and especially when it comes to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Evolution in terms of quality and speed has been vital to the way that digital printing has developed – and the next phase of this is going to be driven by AI technology. In fact, AI is not just changing digital printing today but could well be the future of printing technology.

What is AI anyway?

We have come a long way from the idea of AI as robots that could take over the world. It is already embedded in technology like smartphones and smart speakers today – and is increasingly being used by brands in fields like marketing and customer service. You might have recently interacted with an AI chatbot or been targeted by marketing automation that is AI-driven. In any industry where there is a need for change, there will be AI in there making a difference.

Where will you find AI in digital printing?

Primarily in creation, calculation, and nesting/imposition. AI is not something that can just be installed on regular PCs – but it is increasingly being integrated into some of the most popular software that the print industry uses. For example, Adobe Sensei AI is the machine learning element that has been developed by the legendary Adobe. It is now a key part of many of the essential elements of the Adobe family, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud. AI is also present in Photoshop Neural Filters, which make it simple to enhance portraits and move colour schemes and help with Bokeh effects.

It’s AI that makes it easy to implement changes and remove repetitive, manual tasks from human users. As we move more into AI as a regular part of the print industry its use is going to become more common and expansive. Today, you can already see examples of how AI has been used to create entire images, for example in the Wombo Art Dream App, which is AI being used to generate original artwork.

How is AI likely to affect business models in the printing industry?

Optimisation is another big advantage that is associated with AI – it’s not just about creation and creativity in digital printing. In the context of printers’ business models, there are huge benefits to incorporating more AI-driven processes. Like many other sectors, margins in the print industry are tight today and the optimisation opportunities that are offered using AI can help to ease the pressure. It is also likely to be a key tool in helping to navigate any ongoing supply chain disruptions. Plus, when it comes to making the print sector a more environmentally friendly place, AI will be a big factor in helping to make green gains.

From the process of creativity to supporting more streamlined business models and sustainable processes, AI is already changing the digital printing industry today.

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