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Top 5 ways hybrid mailing is benefiting businesses

Hybrid Mailing Benefits

Hybrid mailing makes it quick and simple to send out personalised printed mail online, without ever having to touch an envelope. It ‘s a cost effective communication solution that can easily be customised and which provides a great resource to accommodate the needs of the hybrid working generation. There are many tools to help transform the way your business uses printed mailing, from automated workflows to operating one single, centralised account. These are the top 5 ways that hybrid mailing is already benefiting businesses today.

  1. A faster way to send out physical mail. With minimal staff involvement and all the benefits of automation you can enjoy a much quicker process when it comes to sending out mail with hybrid mailing. There ‘s no need to stand by for a printer, queue at the post office or wait for signatures as everything is done online. Plus, the use of templates can make the process much more efficient – and integrated analytics will show you where ongoing improvements can be made
  2. A simple opportunity to save on costs. When you use hybrid mail you can save up to 59% on each document sent, compared to traditional methods of sending out mail. This saving comes from all the combined costs and processes that are involved in getting your mail out of the door without hybrid mailing. They include staff time, printing costs and stamps. When you use hybrid mailing you ‘ll get a single fee that incorporates all this – and offers savings on what you ‘d normally have to pay.
  3. GDPR compliant practices. Hybrid mail is all online and every aspect has been set up to ensure that all your data is fully protected in the most GDPR-compliant way. There are also options for dealing with returned mail to enable data cleansing or to monitor engagement. When you ‘re working with a hybrid mailing provider you know that security is covered and the best possible practices are in place.
  4. Facilitating more efficient agile and remote working. Hybrid mailing solutions are ideal for businesses switching to a more agile working model where teams may not all be based in one place. Whether you ‘re looking to use mail to engage clients or drive sales, you can access all these benefits from any location with hybrid mailing, which will support your team in multiple locations, without difficulties or delays.
  5. Minimum resources, maximum results – greater sustainability. Hybrid mail offers a much more environmentally friendly approach to sending out physical mail, as you can streamline the process and minimise the potential for waste. There ‘s no need to buy in resources – such as envelopes or ink – that may not be used, as these are all provided by a hybrid mailing service. Plus, if you pick the right provider then your mail will be handled by a company committed to environmentally sound practices, from the use of renewable energy to recycled paper.

Hybrid mailing is efficient, sustainable and a great way to save on costs. If you ‘d like to find out more about hybrid mailing, get in touch with our expert team.  

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