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What is Digital Printing?

What is digital printing

What is it?

Digital printing is, without a doubt, the best way to print full-colour images. It is also a much less time-consuming way to produce high-quality printing, whether that ‘s documents or logos. Digital printing is the traditional printing process, evolved. So, it is a more streamlined process and tends to be faster and more cost-effective for most businesses. This is everything that you need to know about digital print and what it entails.


The Basics of Digital Printing


The most basic definition is that it is a process that originates with an electronic file, which is then sent to a digital printer that can use 4-7 colours to replicate the contents of the digital file. A digitally printed image is brought to life using a process that is very similar to traditional office printing – with toner and ink. A digital printing press can use a powdered form like toner or a liquid form like ink. And one of the major benefits of digital printing is that the print dries instantly, so there is no waiting around involved. If you are using a commercial digital print press, then there are other advantages too, including that the press will be able to print much more quickly and efficiently than a smaller printer and is likely to deliver a higher quality print.


A Simplified Process


One of the reasons digital print is such a great choice is that the artwork is sent directly to the printer and can be recreated without the need for a whole load of additional equipment. This is not the case for traditional printing, which is likely to need plates to be created for the design. As a result, printing turnaround can be much faster with digital print, and it ‘s easier to accommodate shorter print runs without increasing the cost. The digital printer works very simply, with a laser used to create the image to be printed and inks which are applied so that they will automatically adhere to certain areas that have been positively charged by the printer.


The Benefits of Digital Printing


  • Better for your budget – It is a more streamlined process, which means fewer expenses and so a lower overall cost.
  • Much more flexible – large print runs are accommodated easily, as well as smaller jobs. Plus, digital printing can be more flexible when it comes to printing low-resolution graphics too.
  • Plenty of variety – There are lots of different ways to access digital printing so there will be options for every print job and budget.
  • Customisable work – For example, Variable Digital Printing allows for printed graphics and text to be altered throughout a print run without slowing down the press (important if you ‘re personalising printing, for example, with individual names).


Digital printing has become a common and vital resource for businesses today. It ‘s not only the simplest way to achieve your printing outcomes but also a very cost-effective option, even when dealing with complex or sophisticated objectives.


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