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Why brilliant signage is great for your business

Why brilliant signage is great for your business


If you have a brick and mortar business then there ‘s a lot to consider in terms of advertising and making sure that the right people find you. Signage printing is a simple way to ensure that your message gets across – and that you ‘re being noticed. A huge 80% of consumers will enter a store or business they haven ‘t been in before based on a sign so there are a lot of benefits to investing in signage printing for your brand.


Why brilliant signage matters


  • It makes your brand stand out – Great signage printing will give you a real asset on the outside of your store that customers notice and want to find out more about. High quality, interesting signage attracts attention and conveys an impression of what your business is all about. Sometimes it can be all you need to get those customers through the door. It also creates a great first impression that you can go on to build up with other branding and service touchpoints.

  • Connecting the online and offline words – Today, most consumers want to find out about brands both digitally and in real life and your signage can really help with this. Add your business URL to signage printing so that it ‘s easily accessible for anyone who sees the sign and wants to find out more, for example. Plus, you can feature the signage on social media etc – and tie it in with your branding – so that it ‘s easily recognisable in real life too.

  • Affordable but effective – The only real costs associated with creating brilliant signage for your business are up front costs. You’ll need to design something that works for your brand and then invest in signage printing. But, after that, your signage will continue to work for you 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without any extra investment required. Even on the days that you ‘re not open. Signage is an affordable way to reach as many people as possible and can also help to prompt quick recall for customers when it comes to your brand.

  • The secret to impulse sales – Up to 45% of business sales are generated as impulse sales so this is an incredibly powerful channel to be able to tap into. Given that most impulse shopping stops are the result of brilliant signage, it simply doesn’t make sense to waste this opportunity to bring people into your business to buy. It can also increase basket size, especially if your signage shows products or offers.

  • A simple way to attract new customers – You probably already have methods in place for attracting customers and maybe they work, maybe they don ‘t. However, to find a new audience you need to try something new and opting for great signing printing is an effective way to attract new people – and get them through the door.


Invest in signage printing for your business if you ‘re keen to expand your audience, boost sales and help to link up your online and physical worlds.

From vehicle graphics and banners, logos and monoliths to wall sign printing we will make it happen, ensuring that your products or services get noticed.

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