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Why managed print services and hybrid working go hand in hand

how hybrid working and managed print services go hand in hand

Hybrid working has become embedded in many organisations since the pandemic revealed to many businesses just how much more could be achieved through this way of working. However, there have been challenges too, especially when it comes to providing access to office equipment like printers and managing the maintenance and security involved in that. Today, as the world enters a new phase of prioritising the hybrid approach to work, it ‘s become strategically vital for enterprises across all sectors to integrate managed print services as a key part of this evolution.

● Greater security –  The switch to hybrid working has presented some huge challenges in security terms and enterprises have had to step up to protect systems and data. Managed print services can help you to close loopholes for both home and office workers and introduce the highest levels of security for your network. You ‘ll be able to start working with devices that have inbuilt security at the highest level, from PIN protection to enterprise level encryption.
● Managed print services support ongoing digitisation – Another key evolution as a result of the pandemic is the acceleration of digitisation for many businesses. Optimising the opportunities that are presented by digitisation requires a comprehensive acceleration strategy, including when it comes to document management and printing. Print management services provide options to help in terms of digitising workflows and improving remote collaboration, as well as correcting and boosting productivity around document printing. In fact, more than a third of respondents to one recent survey identified managed print services as an important driver of digitisation. There is also the benefit of consistent user experience, something that can be a challenge to maintain during times of transition and change but which is made much easier with the use of managed print services.
● Sustainability and green targets are much more attainable – If sustainability is a priority for your business then commercial printer companies can help you to achieve this, alongside hybrid working goals. Today, more than 80% of businesses recognise the importance of sustainability and more than half say that reducing the impact they have on the environment is one of the main priorities in terms of using print management services. Cutting print waste is a very simple way to improve sustainability – and an achievable goal with print management services. It also offers a wealth of opportunities to help bring overall costs down.
● Better print management –  The volume of printing required for any business has changed significantly as hybrid has become the more general approach to working practices. So, the biggest challenge today for many businesses lies in being able to efficiently manage print volumes that could be incredibly low one minute and then significantly higher the next. Managed print services allow for this effortlessly, monitoring print usage and optimising print infrastructure to deliver the best value for the business.

If like many businesses, you are shifting towards hybrid working, then your requirement for managed print services is likely more than ever. If you’d like to find out more on our print management services, please get in touch via our contact page.



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