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Why using a digital post room is vital in 2022

Why using a digital post room is vital in 2022 (1)

Despite ongoing challenges, 2022 is a year of recovery for many businesses. If this is the priority within your organisation, then you ‘re no doubt looking for opportunities to help improve the bottom line. A digital post room is one of these, a way to facilitate the agility of your business, make it more flexible in the face of change and strengthen operations overall. These are some key reasons why a digital post room is becoming increasingly essential in 2022.


  • Supports hybrid working –  COVID-19 has seen many enterprises shift to a more hybrid working model with more remote options. A digital mailroom is much more supportive of these more flexible working methods than a traditional mail room. Rather than mail being hand-delivered to desks, it is scanned and sent electronically so that employees can receive it wherever they are. If an item needs to be seen by multiple people, it can easily be uploaded to a document management system.
  • Lower cost –  There are far fewer overheads with a digital post room than in a traditional mailroom – and fewer staff are required to operate it. Ancillary expenses, such as photocopying costs, can be reduced too. Not only that, but for 46% of companies, a digital post room repays itself after just 12 months.
  • Improves time efficiency – One of the significant advantages is that it speeds up the entire process of getting mail to employees. A shortened process allows information to be sorted and distributed instantly and automatically, considerably speeding up the mail distribution process. Given that most organisations deal with hundreds – or thousands – of mail items weekly, there are clear efficiency savings to be made.
  • Enables more effective customer service –  The key here is that a digital post room provides the option to organise and distribute information much more quickly than possible with a traditional mail room. Businesses can process data received from customers more quickly, leading to a much better speed of reply – this is something that customers seek out from brands today, whether they are submitting queries via email or post. It ‘s also much simpler to retrieve data entered into a system via a digital post room, meaning that your team won ‘t lose track of customer interactions.
  • Ensures compliance – It ‘s not only easier to organise and store digital data, but you can verify it, track it and protect it more efficiently too. A digital post room is a critical asset in the GDPR-dominated world, helping to ensure that processes and systems are more transparent and data management compliance is high. Your business will effectively have a secure audit trail, which could be vital in proving that the proper measures have been taken to ensure compliance.


From better compliance to improving internal efficiency and boosting customer service performance, a digital post room is a crucial resource in 2022. If you’re interested in implementing one for your business, to streamline your printing processes, then we’re happy to help you. Get in touch with our specialist team via our contact page.


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