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Why your business should use hybrid mailing

Why your business should use hybrid mailing

Hybrid mailing is increasingly being seen as an asset for businesses today. Especially since the pandemic, being able to access hybrid mailing is a way to cater to more agile working models that are also more cost-effective and sustainable too. 

Benefits of Hybrid Mailing Solutions

  • It’s a great way to reduce spend – When you opt for hybrid mailing there are a lot of savings that you can make on items that might otherwise require a budget allocation. That includes everything, from paper to postage costs and ink. A hybrid mail provider will consolidate to achieve the lowest costs and maximum discounts so that nothing is wasted and you’re paying a lot less than you would handle mail in-house.
  • Improving time efficiency – The right hybrid mail solution will incorporate the latest technology in order to be able to optimise efficiency and save time. So, time can be saved in key areas, from printing to the speed of delivery, ensuring that mailing processes are handled more quickly.
  • A more sustainable option – If your priority is to reduce the carbon footprint of your business, hybrid mailing makes a difference here too. Consolidated mailings mean fewer miles are required for delivery, for example, which will considerably lower CO2 emissions. Waste can be minimised too, whether that’s unused paper or envelopes. Plus, you’ll only ever pay for the paper etc that actually gets used so there is no financial waste either.
  • More control over brand perception and messaging – Hybrid mailing provides the opportunity to really take control over brand perception and messaging thanks to a single, centralised approach. Communications can be standardised with templates and specific messaging that can be directed at specific customer segments. Tools such as tracking provide insight into where communications are in real time, which can be vital for monitoring marketing efforts and progress. Hybrid mailing is also a great opportunity to clean up mailing lists and streamline data, reducing failed deliveries and ensuring that the right customers are receiving the right communications at the right time.
  • Free up internal staff to add value elsewhere – Stuffing envelopes and dealing with postage is a manual job that isn’t worth the per-hour cost of having your staff do it in-house. When you use hybrid mailing instead your staff can focus more on what you’re actually paying them to do and the mailing tasks are handled by the external service. This can lead to greater innovation and ideas, as well as more productive connections with customers. It can also mean your teams are happier and more satisfied on a daily basis because the work they’re doing is more fulfilling. For example, for every 100 letters sent via a hybrid mailing service, you will save a day’s worth of staff time.

Hybrid mailing has so many advantages when it comes to marketing. From cost benefits to messaging consistency, these are just ways in which your business could benefit from a hybrid mailing solution.

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