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Print Marketing is Still Relevant in the Digital Age

Printed Marketing is still effective in the digital age

Print vs Digital Marketing

Given the amount of time we spend online today it would be easy to assume that the only effective marketing is digital marketing. However, that’s not the case. In fact, there is only one space in which digital marketing can be effective – through a screen – whereas print marketing can be seen and engaged with across many different mediums. From billboards to newspapers, flyers to posters, print marketing has a huge reach and can be very effective, which is why it’s still so very relevant in the digital age.

Why is print marketing so effective?

The simple answer is: because it allows you to stand out from your competitors. Everyone is doing digital marketing today and the space is saturated and overcrowded. However, that’s not the case with print marketing, which not only offers the opportunity for differentiation but also to make a lasting (and often tangible) impression on people. There are so many physical cues in print, whether it’s the type of paper that you use or the act of a consumer being physically handed something by another human being. Plus, digital marketing gets just a few seconds of attention while print marketing can remain in someone’s home, or on their desk, for days or weeks.

Why is it still relevant?

  • It’s a great way to support brand recognition – Logos, brand colours, font, and imagery are also used in print marketing and can help to ensure that your brand becomes more recognisable.
  • Reach new people – especially the older generations. If you’re keen to tap into a much broader audience then print marketing needs to be part of your strategy – digital alone simply won’t cut it. And if your target demographics are over retirement age then it will be essential.
  • Build up trust and credibility – Research has found that we tend to trust print ads more than we do digital creations so if you’re keen to build up trust for your business then print marketing is still very much relevant. It’s not just older generations who feel like this about print ads but Millennials too.
  • Overcome short attention spans – Studies have found that the average attention span today is around eight seconds – and that’s going to be shorter for someone looking at a phone which has many other distractions on it. Print marketing helps you to retain someone’s attention for longer, and more frequently.
  • Provide more value for consumers – People are more likely to choose your business – and to retain your marketing – if it offers some kind of value. Think of useful brochures or promotional items like pens, for example.
  • Drive traffic to your online presence – Print is an incredibly effective way to help boost your digital activities and bring more people to your website.
  • Deliver a memorable, sensory experience – Touch is one of our most memorable senses and there is no marketing that delivers this as effectively as print.

Whether you’re looking to build a credible brand or reach a new audience, these are just some of the ways in which print marketing is still very much relevant in the digital age.

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