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Printing Sustainability: Printing On Recycled Paper

Printing Sustainability: Printing On Recycled Paper

There are plenty of arguments for and against recycled paper. Many organisations assume that it’s going to be the best option when it comes to meeting printing sustainability goals but that’s not always the case. And it’s worth remembering that, for the recycled paper to exist, the fresh virgin paper needs also to enter the life cycle. However, there are also some clear benefits to printing on recycled paper so decisions around paper resources need to be carefully considered.

Is virgin paper ever the right choice?

Although recycled paper is very much being championed as the best choice for printing sustainability, that’s not always the case. It’s also worth remembering that paper that has been sourced from a sustainable forest can also be a great choice. Plus, there may be limitations in terms of the options that are available with recycled paper which means it’s not the best way forward every time. What’s crucial is that you have thought through paper sourcing and have a clear and concise explanation for your customers. Transparency is vitally important here – especially around sustainability, as 83% say they will actively choose a brand with a positive sustainability record.

What are the benefits of printing on recycled paper?

  • Supporting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within your business – CSR is something that attracts consumers to your brand today and sustainability commitments are a big part of this. This is a self-regulated business model and one where companies can take steps to contribute to creating a better world for us all to live in. Many CSR goals today are related to sustainability and making the switch to recycled paper can, alongside other steps, help to reinforce a very visible commitment to CSR in your business.
  • A great, authentic, and tactile experience – Where recycled paper is in use this is often obvious, as recycled paper tends to have a very specific look and feel. Many consumers today will actively seek out authentic recycled paper to align with their own values and choices. Plus, recycled paper often offers a more tactile experience than other types of paper and this can be very appealing.
  • Demonstrating brand values and supporting brand image – Because recycled paper is so recognisable it can be a clear signal to consumers that your business has made a commitment to a more sustainable set of practices. If you’re looking for ways to demonstrate your brand values then recycled paper is a simple and effective choice to make.
  • It can be part of a marketing campaign – Recycled paper is distinctive and gives marketing authenticity, which can be vital if you’re looking to connect with specific consumers in a specific way. So, the use of recycled paper is a key factor to consider in your marketing if sustainability matters to you.

If you’re looking at printing on recycled paper then there are a few factors to consider in terms of whether this is likely to be the best business choice. Ultimately, it will be a balance between cost and value.

CDP Sustainability & Quality Guarantee

We are fully committed to the care and protection of the environment. It makes good business sense to look after our planet for future generations. As a part of our Quality Guarantee, we are constantly striving to reduce waste, improve efficiency and minimise CO2 emissions.

We aim for continuous improvements in our environmental performance. As detailed in our environmental policy, this includes only buying paper from suppliers whose Pulpwood is sourced from sustainable, managed forests, increasing the proportion of waste materials that are reused and recycled, and training our staff in environmental matters.

CDP Print Management System

Our print management system is designed to reduce waste through diligent administration of the design, product engineering and production processes. Our state-of-the-art stock management systems can forecast future usage enabling us to drastically reduce waste and unwanted stock.

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